Saturday, November 29, 2008

I can't believe I made butter!

Teresa might be able to make amazing homemade mozzarella but I just made my very own homemade butter. I can't believe it but it is seriously incredible and so easy!

All you do is mix about 2/3 of a pint of heavy cream and a teaspoon of salt in a tupperware dish with the lid on tight. (My mom actually used a couple of baby food jars.) Then, vigorously shake it for 20 minutes. After about 5-10 it will look like whipped butter- keep shaking. It will start to get really thick and you'll think you're finished around 10-15 minutes- keep shaking! Around 18 minutes it will start to curd and you'll think you ruined it. You haven't. It is just the curds separating from the whey- drain the whey (you might need to do this a few times) and keep shaking. When you hit the 20 minute mark, you'll notice it is smooth and creamy. It tastes so good. Is it bad that I wanted to lick my knife before I ate my english muffin?

ETA: This will be fun at dinner parties because it would be so easy to add garlic or sun-dried tomatoes or honey to it for a little extra flavor. I'm really excited now!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Turn on your headlights!

Haven't you seen the signs in Missouri that say, "Must use headlights when wipers are needed" or something along those lines? Well, guess what! It's raining outside and I can't see you because your car is gray and you're not using your headlights. I also have a gray vehicle and I'd rather not be hit (because Mr. Whocares already drives like he's blind) so I turn them on and everyone can see me. See? So simple.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My current obsession

I have been searching for the perfect, brown riding boot for forever. Seriously, this season they are all the rage but my search began in the Fall of 2006 when my 9 -yr- old cousin was wearing them with a long peasant skirt and I thought to myself, "That not only is totally my style but I think I could actually pull that look off!" What can I say? I guess my little cousin and I were ahead of our time when it came to boots. I actually had a hard time finding them at all and I settled on a pair (that I instantly decided I hated) and got a good season out of them. Then they fell apart and my search continues- although you might say it never really stopped.

Now those damn boots are everywhere. I'm suffering from lust. Lust for boots. I have fallen in love with this pair:
The brand is Bandolino, style Edwena. Note the perfect stacked 1 1/2 inch heel, the rounded (but not too round) toe and minimal buckles and crap. I've seen these a few times and was waiting for the $150+ (not including shipping) to go on sale. Yesterday I saw them for $104 including shipping! Isn't that amazing? Well that sale is over now and leaves me thinking, WHY DIDN'T I BUY THE DAMN BOOTS!?

Today my friend Kelly emails me a link. It is a similar boot (one might argue that it is actually better) for a much better price at JCPenney's. The brand is St. John's Bay, style June. They are on sale from $110 marked to $43. With glee I choose my size. In black? No, I'd like brown. That shoe is not available at this time. Are you kidding me? I've called three locations to be told that they are out of stock or online only. I did a google search and every link I click sends me to the JCPenney's website. This is so depressing. Is it childish of me to want to throw a temper-tantrum over not having the boots? Probably, but inside I am pouting like a toddler. Please don't judge me.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What's the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?

THIS POST got me thinking.

Mine might not seem like much to some but I am convinced that my guardian angel's name is Joe.

I used to sell copy paper and office supplies door to door for small businesses. It was a terrible company... I made zero money, my back account was probably in the hole at that time and here I am driving my car with no gas reimbursement. I was in "the field" having the worst day and then noticed that my gas light was on. I figured that I'd finish up my street, get gas and head home. As I'm thinking this I turned the corner and my car puttered to a stop. Awesome. I happened to be right outside a high school as kids were getting out and walking home. Fighting back tears of anger, frustration and embarrassment, I asked this kid where to get gas and then I started walking. In the wrong direction. For about a mile and a half. I stop in a dry cleaners and this nice woman tells me she'll just drive me to the gas station. When we got there, to use their gas can, I had to pay a refundable fee of $10 in cash. All I had were checks (who uses checks anymore?) and my debit card. Overhearing this conversation, a man walks up, hands the attendant a bill and tells me to "fill it up" and walks out. I swear to you he was wearing a white shirt and drove away in a white car.

I filled up the can, the woman took me to my car and said goodbye and I go to return the can and get my gas with my debit card. The attendant holds up a $20 and tells me that he didn't mean "fill up your can," he meant "fill up your tank." (Keep in mind that this was a few years ago and you could still fill a tiny car for about that much.) I asked her who this man was, if he was a regular, if I could leave a card and money to pay him back. She says that she notices lots of regulars and he isn't one of them. She gets and idea to look at his receipt because he paid by credit card. I looked at his signature is disbelief with tears in my eyes. JOE. That was it. His kindness will never be forgotten.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Where is my head today?!

Seriously? I feel like an idiot. I was so proud of how productive I was last week. I felt like I got so much accomplished. Mondays are usually pretty slow for me but today I've already been reminded of 100 things I need to do or have done today. Ggrggrrrr..... get it together, Pamela!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

There is a point to this story, I promise

I know a few of my readers have probably read this on STLwed but I thought I'd post it here too.

I never thought I'd not notice my pet was missing....

Last night my husband and I made a fire in our fire pit. We got sleepy and he went out a few times to pour water on it and put it out. We made sure BOTH Pete AND Oliver, our kitties, were inside since they both like to escape into the backyard. They were. Michael and I watched a little tv in the living room and went to bed- we sleep with the door shut so they don't crawl all over our heads.

We had nothing to do this morning so we slept in and woke up to Pete trying to karate kick the door down and he was meowing like crazy! I just figured he was hungry but I thought it was odd that Oliver didn't come running so I called him.... nothing. I looked everywhere and didn't see him. Panic set in, I woke Michael and got dressed. We were standing in the kitchen and we heard the saddest, most forlorn meow ever and I realized HE'S OUTSIDE! I ran out expecting to see him chasing bugs, digging (he was a dog in a former life, we think) or sunning on a chair. Nope. Then I saw his collar, open and laying in a corner near the sunroom. Our sunroom is raised and there is that lattice all around the bottom to keep animals out and somehow he got stuck under there (or maybe just stayed there for safety.) When I found him he just melted in my arms like he always does and I brought him inside. Poor little guy! We've let them out a few times while we keep an eye on them in the daytime but they are really inside cats that don't go out very often. I don't know if they just choose not to or don't know how but they've never gotten over the fence and out of the backyard so that was a little comforting to know that he was most likely in our yard... but still!

How did this happen?!!? How did he get out? Here's what I think... when we went to bed it was a nice night so we had our bedroom window open. It can open from both sides and the screen slides and since it had been so long since we opened the windows we must have forgotten the screen was on the other side and and Oliver must have jumped out! (We only have one floor so the ground wasn't far.) Thank goodness it was a nice night and not rainy or freezing and thankfully no creepy animals tried to get him or he didn't eat some toxic plant and get sick. We took him to the vet right after we found him and they said he was fine but I was so scared and I felt terrible. They said he probably didn't sleep at all and he's been sleeping all day long.

If you're still reading this crazy long post from The Cat Lady, there is a point to this rambling story and promised! Make sure all of your pets are vaccinated and up to date (UTD) on all types of flea medications, shots, etc. and make sure they are microchipped! He popped his collar off but any vet or shelter could have told someone where to return him. Also- if they are microchipped, make sure the address is UTD or tag it to your vet. We would have been devastated had he been truly lost.