Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Blog?

Why not? I'm going to still keep this one for random rants and raves but this one is about a specific interest of mine. Hope you like it.

McDonald's Sucks

I had a doctor's appointment last Wednesday morning (nothing serious, just routine) and since it ended earlier that I expected, I decided to hop on to over McDizzle's (you probably just call it McDonald's) for a breakfast burrito. I look at my clock. It says 10:12. Perfect. That should be enough time to get through the six cars ahead of me and place my order. Just as my clock says 10:26 I pull up to order- angry that it's taken that long in the first place. (We all know that they stop selling breakfast at 10:30.... ) I don't know why I felt the need to ask but I did.

"You're still serving breakfast, right?"
"No- it's lunch time."
"What!?? seriously? It's 10:26!"
"Our clock says 10:30."
"On the dot??"
"What is this? Is it on bar time!?!?"

So I drove away. Angry. And hungry.

I still had an entire four minutes! I KNOW my clock in the car isn't that off. And WTF!?!? Who wants to eat lunch at 10:30 in the freaking morning?!! I can deal with it at 11 but not 10:30. I hate that place and those breakfast Nazis.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If they mated....

I stumbled upon this website that takes your picture and your husbands and then somehow generates what your baby will look like. My husband and I have a pretty good idea what our future children will look like- curly (probably red) hair, blue eyes, round nose, freckles... Of course I wanted to try this and see if our predictions matched a computer's! The few that I saw seemed cute and oddly possible. Well.... then I got our results.... tell me what you think.

Not quite what I was expecting....